Competitive Program

Artistic Swimming competitive programs for swimmers looking for a high level of commitment and competition.

KAS competitive programs offer opportunities for athletes to compete against athletes from other clubs at meets throughout the season. Competitions include land and pool elements. Training for all competitive swimmers may combine land and in the pool. Swimmers will train physical strength and conditioning, mobility and flexibility, swimming proficiency and specific artistic swimming skill. Aspects of mental training, such as goal setting, personal well-being and sport psychology will also be addressed. KAS coaches will focus on swimmer physical well-being, mental health, personal growth and community support.

All competitive swimmers are expected to attend all practices, and all meets at which the club is competing. Participation in some meets may be required to qualify for, and participate in, subsequent meets. At the provincial level, athletes compete in specified “age groups” where the age of the athletes is calculated using the age of the swimmers at the end of the season calendar year.

Interested in our Competitive Program?
Be sure to read our Competitive Program Policy here


Due to limited pool resources, KAS may not be able to offer all competitive programs this upcoming season. 

If interested, please contact Head Coach, Dani Smith by email for further details.

KAS is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive membership by providing accessible programming for swimmers of different ages and abilities.  The club supports recreational, regional league and competitive programs.

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