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What should swimmers bring to their first practice?

Swimmers at all levels require a one-piece bathing suit and bathing cap to be worn at every practice (it is so much more comfortable than trying to learn the moves in a two-piece and with your hair out of your face!).

Most swimmers prefer to wear goggles and nose plugs as well.  And don’t forget to bring your towel!

Where can I get goggles, a bathing cap or nose plugs?

Bathing suits, goggles and bathing caps can be found at most sports stores, but a great spot in Peterborough to get them is at Protech Pool and Spa on Chemong Road (they even offer our club a 10% discount on training essentials and swim bags!).

Each swimmer will be given one nose plug for the year (included in the fees). Additional nose plugs can be purchased from the club.

Can parents watch practices?

Absolutely! However, we do ask parents to watch from the viewing area outside of the pool deck, through the glass walls. This keeps the deck space free for our athletes and coaches, and allows swimmers to fully focus on their lesson and get the most out of our program!

Why don’t swimmers start working on routine right away?

The development and choreography of a routine takes time! At all levels, swimmers will first work on the basics in fitness, swimming and artistic swimming skills to make sure they have the strength and techniques to build a fun and challenging routine!

Do artistic swimming coaches have training?

Yes, all of our coaches are certified through our Provincial and National Sport Organizations (Ontario Artistic Swimming and Canada Artistic Swimming) and NCCP as appropriate for the level they are coaching.

In addition, individuals interested in coaching will volunteer with certified coaches before they are able to coach on their own. All coaches are under the direction of our Head Coach.

Can swimmers hear the music underwater?

Yes! Our sound system not only includes an above water speaker, but also a specialized under water speaker which allows swimmers to move seamlessly from above water, to under water choreography without ever losing count!

Fun Fact! Routines are choreographed to counts that go to the music, allowing everyone on the team to stay synchronized!

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