Competitive Program Policy

Artistic swimming is a TEAM SPORT. The commitment of each and every swimmer is necessary for the team to compete at its highest level.

For these reasons: 

  1. Swimmers are expected to attend, and participation in, all practices, meetings, and competitions. If a swimmer is unable to attend, or participate in, a practice, prior notice should be given to the team coach. Please contact them even before morning practices. Contact numbers will be provided for this purpose. 
  2. If applicable, swimmers are expected to watch all KAS routines at meets as directed by the Head Coach. 
  3. In the spirit of sportsmanship, all athletes are to respect the officials, volunteers, judges, coaches, and other swimmers at all times while participating in competitions. Any questions that may arise pertaining to scoring or results should be directed to the Head Coach in a private conversation. 
  4. Swimmers are expected to respect the schedules provided by their team coach in regards to specific expectations—i.e. for the times to meet as a team, warm-ups, and curfews—during meets. 
  5. Swimmers are expected to wear their KAS uniforms when participating in competition or other events throughout the swim season, as directed by their coaches.
  6. If travel is deemed safe and appropriate at the time, all athletes must stay in the designated hotel for the duration of the Leslie Taylor Ontario Cup and Ontario Championships. 
  7. Athletes (and their families) must provide the team coach with information allowing the coaches to contact swimmers at any time communication is required.
  8. Athletes (and their families) should plan for vacations and activities that do not unnecessarily risk their health or their ability to train and compete with their team. 

By registering for the competitive program, swimmers agree to the entire Competitive Program Policy in order to participate in the program and to represent KAS at meets. By registering their children for the competitive program, parents and guardians of swimmers agree to support their children in following the Competitive Program Policy. Parents and guardians also agree to participate in fundraising activities and to sponsor bingos as a means of supporting our competitive athletes. Swimmers who miss too many practices or fail to comply with other aspects of the Competitive Program Policy may be designated alternates at meets or removed from the competitive program. This policy will be enforced with the goal of promoting the success of each competitive team. 


KAS is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive membership by providing accessible programming for swimmers of different ages and abilities.  The club supports recreational, regional league and competitive programs.

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